Simon Townshend

Simon holds a Masters degree in Engineering from London University and has been in the markets since the early 1980’s when he traded the stock market to help fund his 5 years at university.


2011 marks 30 years since Simon first tiptoed into the markets and instantly got the bug!


From the mid-1990’s he traded the S&P futures predominantly.  With the advent of electronic trading and the pick up in volume of the E-mini contract about 10 years ago, Simon reduced his timeframe right down to become a high volume “virtual local” providing liquidity in this exciting new electronic world, ultimately setting up a private hedge fund as the vehicle through which to continue his trading activity.


More recently Simon launched Serious Investment Returns, a small close knit group of professional traders who take longer term swing trades across a range of 36 different markets using Simon’s proprietary strategy.  Since launching in March 2009 the “SIR” system has produced in excess of 130% return from around 9 trades per month, risking just 1% of equity on each trade…


“I have been a subscriber to S-I-R since the beginning.  I have been trading for 20 years and have seen many newsletters, systems, etc. of which 95% I have cancelled after the first month.  S-I-R is an excellent resource and is one of my research components that I use to develop a market theme in which to structure my trades.”

Ron, Full time trader, Chicago


Behind the Chart


Simon’s first session at the seminar will be based upon his popular Behind the Chart technique.  In this he will show you:

  • How and why markets actually move up and down
  • The difference between “supply & demand” and “buying & selling”
  • Why “supply & demand” is the key to what happens next and how to identify it
  • Why he trades without using conventional indicators
  • How to identify moves that will continue, for continuation trades
  • How to identify moves that are over, NOT to use for continuation trades!
  • When to take reversal trades in moves that are over
  • How to manage your trades to quickly eliminate the risk
  • A volatility filter to keep you from trading in the noise
  • How to identify many losing trades – BEFORE you enter them!


This will be fast paced, content packed session.  Simon first taught a slimmed down version of this to a group of just 20 traders, many of whom had their eyes opened for the first time to the secrets that had eluded them for so many years.


The feedback was spectacular and one attendee even said he would have happily paid $2,000 just to see this – and that was just the basic version.  Here you will learn the advanced application as well!


“What can I say……Let me start with 4 words, ” Thank you very much. ” I can’t believe you’re so helpful and willing to share your wonderful trading logic. People say, it can take up to 10,000 hours of study to master a subject, I’ve doubled that over the last 5 years, and the information you have shared with me, is without question the best information I have ever come across. I’ve completely dedicated my life to trading, (with very little upside thus far lol) and I feel very lucky I’ve finally come across such a nice person who is successful and willing to help others.”

Mark, Trader, England


The Keys to the Kingdom


In Simon’s second session he will reveal the tricks to position sizing that most traders completely overlook.  Its hard enough to trade profitably, but many traders find that they always have their smallest positions on the best winning trades and their largest positions on the worst losers!


Why is that?  Knowing why is one thing.  But knowing how to turn the tables and actually use position sizing to your advantage puts you in a different league all together.

So in this session on professional money management techniques, Simon will show you how you can:

  • Stay in the game indefinitely, however devastating a drawdown period you have to endure
  • How to understand and avoid the hidden dangers of asymmetric leverage
  • Always protect the bulk of your capital and never have to “reload”
  • Know when to apply a fixed unit size and when to adjust it
  • Suffer a smaller actual drawdown than that of the system you are using
  • Beat any system to new equity highs when recovering from a drawdown
  • Overcome the psychological barriers that inhibit most traders from maximising performance
  • Manage your own equity curve like a professional for the rest of your career


When Larry Williams famously achieved 11,500% return in a 12 month trading competition, he didn’t do it by having the best trading system.  He did it by understanding the secrets of trade sizing.  While we would never use in real life the sort of leverage he used in a competition, the same principle applies never the less.


The trading strategy itself is only half the battle.  Well a lot less than half the battle actually.  As long as your strategy has an edge, the keys to the kingdom come from knowing how to milk the markets with the right money management.


So you need to embrace and put to immediate use this technique that Simon will show you, step by step, how to implement.


And don’t forget, developing a profitable trading strategy is hard, time consuming and requires decades of experience.  But trade sizing is where most of your advantage and profits should really be coming from.  Yet this bit is easy and takes little thinking about as long as you have the right formula!